Creating Redirect Links

Link Redirection (also known as a “URL Redirect” or “Deep Link”) is a great asset offered to you through the ASADART Affiliate Program! The Redirect link offers key benefits that help you control where you send visitors to on It also allows you to choose specific products to promote and tailor the landing page experience for your customers. A better shopping experience can mean a higher conversion rate for you! To use the redirect link follow these instructions:

• Search for Link ID 10814231 in Get Links > By Relationship > My Advertisers > ASADART section in your CJ Account Manager. This link is also named “redirect” for your convenience.

• Input the URL you want to direct your customers to (your desired landing page) in the ‘Destination URL’ field. Be sure to click “Update Link Code” once your desired URL is in the relevant field.

• Grab the code that the CJ Tool automatically generates and post it to your site.

Please remember that Commission Junction may only guarantee tracking on links that are copied and pasted in their entirety from the interface to your site backend. Please follow these instructions carefully; doing so will ensure your sales and respective commissions are tracked correctly. Any link that deviates from the steps outlined above and does not track because of variations made to the link is solely the liability of the publisher. ASADART will not pay commissions for sales resulting from re-direction links created in a manner inconsistent with the steps outlined above.

Here are some screen shots to assist you: