Product Feed


Our product feed is available from the Commission Junction system. The product feed BUYURL field is formatted properly to match your unique Publisher ID (PID) with our Advertiser ID (AID). We update the product feed every day. The feed contains the base product IDs of items we have in-stock that day and available to ship (photos, price and product descriptions are included as well).

Commission Junction supports a number of options for transferring prouct data feeds including FTP and HTTP. There are no costs associated with this service. To manage your own CJ data feed subscription, login to your CJ account, click on ‘ACCOUNT’ > ‘SERVICES’ > ‘CREATE PRODUCT EXPORT’. From there you will be able to select the product feed you wish to use. Note that because is one of six ecommerce specialty shops within the Asadart group, you’ll see product catalogs for all six domains listed. Here’s what it looks like:

You’ll see too there are a number of other options which you can select including the file format (e.g. Tab delimited), download method (e.g. FTP or HTTP), as well as several other options. If you need additional assistance on downloading the product feed, login to your CJ account and click on the HELP option offered in the top right of your account.